Halloween was coming up and all of us were really excited. Even though Halloween isn’t that big of a deal here, we thought it would be a cool idea if we had a party to give our Kiwi friends a taste of Halloween! We made flyers to spread the word, we all got costumes, and we put decorations around the house, which surprisingly they had lots of in the stores, considering how unpopular the holiday is in NZ.

In the beginning we just put out a couple of “Happy Halloween” signs in the front lawn, and even just that became the big news of the neighborhood. So when we added all of the other things like fake spider webs and caution tape everyone started coming over to see our house. It was kind of the equivalent of putting up heaps of decorations for Saint Patrick’s Day in the US.

We also set up things like apple bobbing and a game where you stick your hand in a box that either has brains, eyeballs, a heart, or teeth ( really it was spaghetti, peeled grapes, a peeled tomato, and popcorn kernels, but they didn’t know that) and their reactions were priceless! What was really the weirdest thing was that Halloween was in the middle of spring! Halloween is usually on a cold night in the dark, but here the weather is nice and the sun is out till 8:00pm!

Even though we had big plans for the night, I was kind of bummed because I was used to going to school with my costume in my bag and having a big parade with everyone dressed up. And as I got to school, there was not even a mention of Halloween, and half of the kids didn’t even know that it was Halloween.

I got over it immediately though when I walked into our house after school: Dad was on the barbecue in his alligator onesie, Julien had his samurai costume and was doing ninja moves in the front yard, Chloe had here kangaroo onesie (she convinced Dad to wear a onesie with her), and Mom was helping with the food. I quickly put on my costume, which was a mime-chef (mime mask and a chef hat) and waited for the guests. What we didn’t know was that kids start coming around 4:30 for some reason. And there were a lot more people trick or treating than we expected. Sure, most of them were little kids, but it was still surprising.

My candy bag wasn’t nearly as big as the hundred or more pieces of candy from the American Halloween, but it wasn’t a big deal. I think that everyone, including me, enjoyed the night of our NZ Halloween!



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