This Christmas was different then all of my others, because there were no stairs to creep down at six in the morning, or sit on my bed and play Uno with Lucas while we wait for it to be 7 o’clock. There was no dashing down the stairs as soon as the clock said 7, or mom trying to record juju running down the stairs and falling on her face 🙂

It was the first time that I hadn’t spent Christmas in my own home. Even without those things though, we had an amazing Christmas.

This year, we went to a small island called New Caledonia in the Polynesian Islands. You could say that New Caledonia is a French version of Fiji. But, compared to Fiji, New Caledonia is part of France so it has more French culture. That was part of the reason we chose New Caledonia, to feel like we had a little piece of home.

I couldn’t believe how much this tiny island felt like France. Every morning we went to the “boulangerie” to buy our croissants and everybody spoke French. Also, the food was always fancy. It was so fancy that at the dinner that we had on Christmas Eve, I thought the whole time that I was  eating steak, when it was really venison (aka reindeer.)

I may have eaten Comet that night… Oops.

When we first got to New Caledonia, we stayed in a pretty cool tree house. We all thought the house was super cool, until the night came. Now, unlike most places, New Caledonia does NOT get any cooler at night time. So that was a problem. We all realized that sweating in our sleep while swatting away mosquitoes wasn’t exactly our view of fun, so Dad surprised us by checking us into the Sheraton for the last two nights. It was amazing.

The Sheraton had huge pools and air conditioning, so we were all happy (especially Mom). We had a huge Christmas Eve dinner, which you’ve already heard about and lastly, we went on a super cool glass boat out to the huge coral reef. The reef is at the very edge of the biggest lagoon in the entire world, home to sea turtles, fish, coral, and some of the most beautiful shells I’ve ever seen. This reef is one of the most protected areas in the world. Here is the link to learn more about the reef.

We came home on Dec 27th and somehow Santa had left presents under our tree! We may have opened presents a couple days late, and even though I wasn’t at my real home, this was one of the best Christmases I’ve ever had.    

PS – Did I mention we rented a Mini Cooper for the week? I want one!

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Chloe Irwin

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