For years I have wondered:

What if I didn’t live in Washington, DC? Would I still be as driven, motivated, and obsessed with work? Are big cities a little bit addictive for people like me?”

I’ve wondered about this a lot.

I’ve watched closely as friends have moved to quieter towns. I’ve even asked them about it. Most of them have smiled at me—as though they were in on a secret that I wasn’t ready for. No answer though. Perhaps they didn’t want to offend me?

Our family has considered moves before. To smaller, quieter and, dare I say, cheaper, cities.

But each time, I’ve concluded that no, it’s not for me.

I have my family here. My friends. My network. My company. But mostly, I like it here. I feel among my people.

So I’ve wondered, if I leave DC, would I bring my crazy with me?

  • Would I feel trapped and antsy in a small town?
  • Would the slower pace make me irritated and angry?
  • Would I feel like I’m missing out?

I don’t know.

I’m eager to find out. Because we’re doing it. We’re moving to a smaller, quieter town. And it’s not just a puddle jump away—it’s halfway around the world, in New Zealand.

We’re going. But I’m a little scared, too.

I’m scared that perhaps I won’t bring my crazy and, when I return, I won’t like the DC version of me anymore.

Or perhaps I’ll look at the way we’re all living and think it’s insane, and I won’t want any part of it anymore. I’m not sure.

But mostly, I’m scared that my crazy will just join me in New Zealand and I won’t be able to slow down, not even in a tiny town on the edge of the world.



Hi. I'm Frederique. You can call me Fred. I am the founder and CEO of Her Corner Inc., a global network of women business owners committed to growth in their businesses. When I'm not managing the business operations of Her Corner, you can find me either running accelerator programs for Her Corner members or at the Kogod School of Business at American University where I teach entrepreneurship, business management and organizational behavior. I am passionate about the topic of Entrepreneurship, and in particular the State of Entrepreneurship for Women.

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