It’s been a long time since I’ve written because we’ve been running around with all our sports and activities. Mostly though because for the last 2 weeks we’ve been traveling in Asia (in Thailand and Singapore.)

First we went to Thailand where we got to have the incredible experience of riding and feeding elephants in Ayutthaya. They were so tall and the ride was super bumpy. Ayutthaya was covered in 400 yearold temples which they called wats. When we were walking around I felt like Indiana Jones. Thank goodness we had our old Au Pair Meow there to guide us around. When we were little she was taking care of us, but now she has the most adorable baby of her own.

Lucas may tell you more about Thailand, but I want to tell you about Singapore, where I spent my 12th birthday and met some new cousins.

Yesterday we got back from Singapore. It was a great end to our trip to Asia and a definite highlight. The whole family seemed to like it because it was unbelievably green (so many trees,) very clean, and so modern. They have a law against littering so there was never any rubbish on the street. If you even spit on the ground, they will fine you. This is a bit easier to handle because the country is only nine miles long (we found that helpful while we were there). Also hilariously enough, because of its size they don’t have a weather channel 😂.

The main reason we went to Singapore though was to meet our second cousins: Michael, Aniza, and their three kids, Adam, Anna, and Ava. They were insanely nice and super fun to hang out with. They had the most unbelievable lego collection with over 1,000 sets. My mind was honestly blown. I hope they come and visit us in Washington soon!


The second day we were there we decided to try out the Universal Studios Singapore style. It had to be a bit smaller than the one in Florida or California, but that didn’t stop us from having heaps of fun. One of my favorites was called Enchanted Airways and was Shrek themed. It was actually the first real roller coaster I’ve ever been on 🙂 

On our last day (which also happened to be my birthday) we went to a trampoline park with Adam, Anna, and Ava. It was super fun, though really tiring (apparently, that was the idea…) Afterwards we walked to brunch and had the most delicious red velvet cake in the entire world. I wish we could have stayed longer, but that night we had an overnight flight to catch to come home. Apparently it was time to go back to school. Boo.

Tata for now Asia! I’ll be back!


Knock Knock
— Who’s there?
— Budha who?
Budha my toast for me, please?


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