So I realize that I haven’t been writing a lot of blogs recently, but that was mainly because life here has become kind of normal. Though we have moved into a new house near the beach, most things here have just become regular. Like for example, the mountains surrounding the town that I live in just feel less mind blowing than when I got here, and the thousands of sheep that I pass every day on my way to school just seem like squirrels in D.C., just naturally fitting in to the environment. And even though the beaches and waves are beautiful, I’ve almost gotten used to living on a small island surrounded by water.

At the same time though, I am not saying that New Zealand has in any way become boring; it’s still in my opinion the coolest place ever. Just the other day there was a whale maybe fifty meters off of the beach from where we live! Don’t get me wrong; I’m incredibly grateful that I get to have this year of wonder. It’s just that Gizzy is starting to feel like a lot more of a norm than it used to, even if it’s only for a year.

Anyways, I want to tell you about my recent school trip to the one and only Auckland, New Zealand! Basically, how my school works is that there are 4 terms, kind of like the three trimesters in the American school system. In New Zealand and many other places, the years 7 and 8 students (6th and 7th grade) go to Intermediate School. But unlike many of the Kiwi schools, GisInt lets the year 8 students have the option of going to a new city for a week before Spring Break (which lasts for 2 weeks, by the way!) There are options like Fiji, Rotorua, and skiing, but I chose Auckland. Here’s how it went.

We started with an 8-hour drive and stopped half way to have some lunch. This is when I proceeded to demonstrate the giant goofball side of me; I hopped off a tree as soon as we arrived and sprained my ankle. As we finally got to our lodging on Sunday and got organized, my ankle was feeling better already,

On Monday we went to the high ropes course and Snow Planet (an indoor ski slope); I did neither because of my ankle, which I was OK with because I still had fun watching my friends climb the trees, and the skiing was more of a bunny hill than I expected and I still got to hang out in the snow. But I did make it a point to rest my ankle enough so that I could enjoy the rest of the week.

On Tuesday morning we all packed up our bags and went to a new place that we all liked more than the original place. After settling in we went to Rainbow’s End and we had a blast! My favorite ride was the Free Fall, an immediate drop from several hundred feet up! For Tuesday’s dinner we went up to the Sky Tower Buffet and the food was delicious, but even better was the view of the city of Aukland!

On Wednesday, we played a game in a park called Bumper Balls in which you crawl into a huge beach ball-type thing and play soccer while knocking people over/getting knocked over by everybody. Also we went to a trampoline park called Jump, and that was super fun but also exhausting.

On the last day we stopped in Rotorua and rode the Luge, which I wrote about in a previous blog; it’s basically like going down a mountain on a go-kart. It was a great way to top off the week.

Though the activities were amazing, I think the best thing that I got out of the trip was just spending time with my new friends. I enjoyed having fun throughout the week with them and making funny jokes. It has been a while since I left my friends in DC and it felt good to spend time with friends.

Here are some pictures of my trip:



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