Happy Holidays! No matter what you celebrate, this month is a very special time of year. Everybody gets together, more and more smiles come up on people’s faces, and really the collective mood of society raises, at least that’s what I see.

This year, we’re on the opposite side of the world from where we used to be, and there is still the same awesome feeling. We’ve set up decorations around the house, our family tradition of “crackballs” has be carried on this year and has been shared with the neighbors, and the advent calendars are almost empty! The christmas tree may not have the same special ornaments from home or Annie swatting at the ornaments, but that’s ok. We found some ornaments and lights, and even though though it looks pretty tacky, it still holds it purpose.

There is one thing though that stands out about this Christmas, and that is that it’s December 21 and we are in the middle of Summer! Every time I check the date, I look around and think, “Nope, that is not right”, even though I know it is. During all the Christmases I have had, we’ve had tons of layers and jackets and whatnot, but here I’m in shorts and a T-Shirt, and I kind of like it! Sure, snow is incredible and a cold Christmas is great, but setting up decorations and then spending the afternoon at the beach is awesome too! Although untangling the Christmas lights sucks no matter where you are, it‘s much nicer in the sun than in two jackets and snow pants.

There are of course heaps of things that we miss about a DC Christmas, such as family, friends, our pets, our house, and much more. We always run down the stairs to find the stockings over the chimney, and the tree all lit up with the lights and the presents under it. And there’s always our neighbors the Mason’s house that has been decorated to the maximum limit (not that everyone else doesn’t have excellent decorations). And I certainly miss making snowballs and sledding down the side of our yard, always just nearly avoiding plummeting into the creek.

But nevertheless, we are still going to have a terrific Christmas this year, especially since we’ll be celebrating in New Caledonia! New Caledonia is pretty much the French speaking equivalent of Fiji, and we will be there for a whole week! It’s going to incredible and there’ll be so many things to do!

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!



Hi, I'm Lucas. I am 12 years old and for the majority of my life I have only lived in 1 place: Washington D.C. I'm about to move to the other side of the world and I am excited to share my adventures with all of you.

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