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Last weekend my mom and I went on a trip to Wellington. I have heaps to tell you about. We took a flight at 6:30AM, and arrived in Wellington early in the morning (it’s only an hour away). While we were landing, it was so windy that I thought we might be having a water landing. 😀 Thankfully that wasn’t necessary, and we safely landed. I guess that’s why they call it “Windy Welly!”

The ride to the hotel was incredible. Mom said that it reminded her of San Francisco. I was just glad to be in traffic, see traffic lights, people in a hurry, and big buildings. All things that Gisborne lacks. Don’t get me wrong, Gisborne is cool as, but I just miss city life.

When we got there, we instantly dropped our bags and browsed around the shops. Mom was relieved to find a department store called David Jones and that was our first stop. She got so  excited that I couldn’t keep up with her. When I finally dragged her out, we continued our shopping.

Later on, my mom got a message from her friend Kylah, we decided to meet up with her at a little cafe called La Cloche. We got there early to have some lunch, and my mom told me some unbelievable news. I was flying to Auckland the next day to go to Taylor Swift’s reputation concert! I nearly started screaming. We had missed it when she had come to Washington, because it was three days after we left for NZ, and now I got to go!

The next day the weather was terrible. We thankfully decided to head to the airport a little early, to see if there was a flight ahead of time that we could take, and got the last seats on the last earlier flight. We were so relieved. We rushed to the hotel, and then took a taxi to the stadium. (Mount Smart Stadium) There were gates A,B,C,D,E, and F. We were in the most common gate, gate F. The line stretched for about 400 people. By the time we got in, we were super hungry. The only stand with a decent line was pizza.

We had incredible seats. We were on the floor, and if we walked about 10 feet, it was like we were having a conversation with her. It was the most amazing concert that I have ever been to. I got a shirt and wore it the whole concert long. I know all the words to all her songs, so I was singing like crazy. It was the best Friday I have ever had in my whole life. (Except the day I was born of course!)

We ended our weekend by flying back to Wellington for one more day. Kylah had told us about an American store that  sold all the things we had missed for the past 4 months, so we had to check it out. The store was called US2U, and it was amazing. We bought everything we needed for Thanksgiving and more.

I had an amazing time with my mom on our girls trip.

Chloe Irwin

Chloe Irwin

Hi. I'm Chloe. I'm 12 years old and I love to travel. My favorite place that I've gone so far has been Biarritz, France (because I love to surf!) I can't wait to tell you about living in NZ for one year!
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