The pieces are falling into place and our move is upon us. Lucas, Chloé, and Julien have finished their school years, in some cases with tears and anger toward Jesse and I for making them do this. They have gone to visit family and friends to make the most of their short summer this year. As soon as we land, they will have only a few days before starting in their new schools.

And while we don’t quite have them registered for school yet, we do at long last have our visas—a process that was stressful, tedious, and long. (Without a visa, you cannot register for school, and you also can’t rent a house!)

On the housing front, we are lucky that Jesse’s job has offered him a furnished condo for the year. But, as a family of five with relatives and friends who want to come and visit, I am struggling to see how a 3 bedroom/2 bath condo will ever be big enough. We’re hoping to look for another place when we arrive, ideally on the beach, fully furnished, for the year.

We have re-rented our house in D.C. to a nice family with two kids who will be attending our local neighborhood school, and we have started the business of packing it up. The movers come on July 5th, we leave the house on the 6th, and we travel on the 7th.

International insurance policies, cell phone plans, and banking questions have been answered and arranged. Cars abroad have been purchased and our cars here are ready to be sold. We are each leaving with one suitcase and one carry-on. Plus one surfboard.

My schedule and work calendar has been flipped starting in July to show my availability to clients and my team starting at 3PM EST (7AM in New Zealand, the next day.) And I have found a wonderful co-working space where I can meet other business owners and make my own friends.

I am *so* bad at saying goodbye. In fact, I’d rather just wait and say hello again when I come back. But my friends have forced me to get together and, I have to say, it has been the highlight of these last few stressful weeks.

While the details have come together, I can’t say I have been particularly good at the emotional preparation. In fact, some might say I am completely unprepared in that department. For all I know, I will wake up one morning on the other side of the world and have a complete meltdown when I realize how far away I am—and that we are not coming back until next August.

But I will deal with that then.

For now, we are ready. It’s time for the adventure to begin.



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