Today is Sunday, and school has been going great! I’ve made some friends who have been helping me find my way around school and have been really nice. The classes are super fun, and tennis is right next door for after school practices a couple times a week.

There’re so many cool things to do in NZ, and today we decided we were going hiking! Correction, in New Zealand, there is no such thing as hiking, only tramping. We didn’t know that until we found the expert tramping sign when we went to the hot springs a week ago.

But first things first, I would like to respectfully inform those in DC/Maryland in the nicest possible way, that the Billy Goat Trail is totally overrated compared to the tramping here. 🙂

When we got to Tolaga Bay we were all really exited, but the most exciting part was what was at the top of the mountain.

To get up, you took a few wooden steps and just tramped the rest of the way. The wind was blowing really hard near the middle but it got calmer as you got higher. When we got up there, I was just in shock; the view was the most incredible view that I have ever seen. You could see the mountains surrounding us, and they were full of sheep, cows, and even a couple peacocks, and the light reflecting on the huge bay was gorgeous.

This was just one of the first awesome adventures that we will experience here, and the whole family loved it!




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