Hi guys.

I made it through my first week of school. Everyone at school is very nice, and the New Zealand accent is so normalized, that I don’t even notice it anymore. Well, that’s not totally true. For example, people have asked me how old I am, and I answer “eleven,” because that is how old I am. Some of the girls I met say, ” Oh, I’m ah leavin’ too.” It makes me laugh, because I’m eleven, not ah leavin. 🙂

My school day is much like in the US. I start school at 9AM and finish at 3PM. What is really weird though is that there is no teacher watching us during recess. It’s a bit crazy! Kids are running everywhere, but when the bell rings, everyone sprints to their class. And have I told you that shoes are not required here? People walk around barefoot everywhere. Lucas, Julien and I have started doing the same too. Even though my mom doesn’t like it.

The other thing that has been a little overwhelming is that each morning we have to say the NZ National Anthem (and half of it is in Maori!) I do my best to pretend like I know the words. And on Friday, during our assembly, we learned Maori songs and I definitely felt like the only one who wasn’t screaming at the top of her lungs!

They have lots of sports here. Everyday we go outside to the rugby field, and we run laps for half an hour. (It’s cross-country training right now. I’m not the best runner!) I just had my first soccer game here, and all of the teams are co-ed. It’s weird playing with boys on my team again, when I’ve been playing on an all girls team since 2nd grade.

What I do like is that everything is close by here. My soccer games are 10 minutes away, not like the soccer plex in lord-knows-where-MD.

It’s possible I will change schools now that we have found a new house to rent (on the beach … AMAZING!) But I’m not sure when I’ll switch yet. I have heard that the gym class at my new school includes surfing lessons. That’s pretty cool!

Chloe Irwin

Chloe Irwin

Hi. I'm Chloe. I'm 12 years old and I love to travel. My favorite place that I've gone so far has been Biarritz, France (because I love to surf!) I can't wait to tell you about living in NZ for one year!
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