One of the coolest things about NZ is that there is a lot of natural beauty and really cool places to discover.

For example, last weekend we went to a place called Rere rockslide, a natural rockslide. What I mean by natural rockslide is that it is an open slope made of smooth rocks. It has a pretty steep slide if you ask me, but it is SUPER fun.

Besides the rockslide, there is also a HUGE waterfall where we stopped to have lunch and it was beautiful. I would say that the main falls were like 20 ft tall, so not that tall, but you can walk behind it.

After we had lunch, we headed to the rockslide. The actual rockslide was only 2 minutes away from the waterfall, so it didn’t take long. When we got there, it was crowded. I guess we all had the same idea. A lot of people had brought air mattresses which they use to go down the rockslides. We didn’t know about that, so we just brought boogie boards (which make you go faster by the way). I was a little scared at first because it looked super steep, so Lucas and Dad went first.

Here’s a video of some of our pictures:

As I expected, when Lucas came back up he told me that it was so fun and I had to try it. I was a little too scared to go on the boogie board, so I asked someone who had a mattress to borrow theirs. I was given permission and went down with dad. It was INCREDIBLE! I did it over and over again until we had to leave.

Next we went to check out a place called the Champagne pools. It was just as amazing. They were secret natural pools hidden on the side of a highway. They were very deep, but there were mini waterfalls and rapids that were fun to slide down into.

A last example of some natural beauty in NZ is what we did today. We drove up towards a place called Makorori, and walked around in the shallow reefs. It was super cool, we found starfish, sea urchins, and saw people snorkeling and catching huge fish and crayfish. I’ve heard that if you go a little farther out, you can see lots of stingrays.

In a few months we are having lots of friends and family come to visit. I can’t wait to show them some of these places!


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Chloe Irwin

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