I’m on a three hour long car ride home from a tennis tournament in our huge van and we’re trying to get home without driving on the wrong side of the road, again.

School starts tomorrow and we are not the slightest bit organized.

Squirrels in the US are like sheep here but times 1,000. And we’re only two weeks in to our year adventure.

But besides that everything is going great!

The weather is starting to warm up, I’ve figured out where I’m playing tennis in the neighborhood, Mom and Chloe found a place for horseback riding, Dad loves his new hospital, and Julien is just along for the ride.

So far the thing that that has been the most amusing has been just trying to understand what the expressions they say here mean. For example, when my mom was trying to buy a bike, the sellers told her to come by “later in the arvo”. Now, she had no idea what the heck “arvo” meant, so the lady told her that it was a way of saying “afternoon”. Not sure how they got arvo from afternoon, but oh well. Another example is that they call a freezer a “chilly bin”, so at every gas station store, they have this sign over all of the freezers.

Really, all of the signs here are pretty funny.

Last week we went to go see some natural hot springs and they were super fun, but I really liked how proper their bathroom signs were; instead of just saying “ If the toilet is clogged, go to the front desk”, they put up a sign saying “ If the toilet requires some attention, please inform the front desk”.

I’ve put some more funny signs down below.

But even if we sometimes have a hard time understanding what people are saying, we still find it pretty nice here in New Zealand.





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