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Spring Break is just about over and we have been traveling around NZ and doing ridiculously amazing things like skiing on a volcano, going to glowworm caves, visiting Hobbiton, and whitewater rafting. The weirdest part is that it is October! It feels so weird to be having Spring Break in October. I feel like I should be on Thanksgiving break, not Spring Break!

But, hey, I can check skiing on a volcano off my bucket list.That one was really cool. The town we stayed in was a total ski town. Even the restaurant we went to had a skiing video game. The mountain was beautiful. It was so pretty that it reminded me of the marmot logo. Personally, I love spring skiing. It’s less cold, so you’re not freezing your toes off while trying to enjoy the run.

The glowworm caves were also really fun. The glow worms looked like little lights shining in the caves. We went on two tours. One of them where we went on a little boat and watched them glow, and one where there weren’t any glow worms, but there were all kinds of crystals. Our second tour guide told us that only 30% of the glow worms were actually in the caves. Of course they did not tell us this until after we had bought a ticket to go on the tour :).

Whitewater rafting was kind of scary, but at the same time really fun. Unfortunately I was put in the splash seat. It was also the seat where I was most likely to fall off. We were each given a paddle, and he told us whether to go forward, backwards, or hold on. That last one was very handy when we were going through the rapids. Halfway through we were given hot chocolate. It was delicious! At the end the man who was driving our raft told us that we could jump off into the water if we wanted to. Dad jumped in immediately and told us that the water was warm. It was not warm, it was freezing! 

The last thing we did on our road trip was Hobbiton. I loved seeing all the hobbit holes, and to walk around and pretend that I was a hobbit. Our tour guide let us go into a few of the hobbit holes, but there was nothing in them to see since they had filmed the insides in a studio. Our tour guide also told us that the tree above Bilbo’s house was completely fake. Each and every leaf on the tree was hand painted. (I wouldn’t want that job 🙂 ) Afterwards we went to The Green Dragon (The pub) and each had a ginger beer and lunch.

As soon as we got home we headed to the A&P show. It was the coolest fair that I had ever been to. Ridewise Julien’s favorites were the Dragon Coaster and the Swinging Chairs. I would agree that they were pretty fun. This wasn’t the average fair though. The A&P show had horseback riding competitions, sheep shearing, handcrafted items, live music, and as you can probably guess, much more.

I loved watching the horseback riding. The riders were jumping jumps taller than me! Every time they jumped, I got a little worried, but they never failed to amaze me. Sheep shearing, I never thought that I would watch that in my lifetime. I have to admit, it’s not my favorite thing to watch! 

Tomorrow I go back to school. This term I’ll be taking surfing during gym class, because the weather is getting warmer. I have to prove that I can swim by doing 20 laps tomorrow (in my wet suit.) I’m not really looking forward to that.

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Chloe Irwin

Chloe Irwin

Hi. I'm Chloe. I'm 12 years old and I love to travel. My favorite place that I've gone so far has been Biarritz, France (because I love to surf!) I can't wait to tell you about living in NZ for one year!
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