It has only been one week since we moved, and I already feel at home. My favorite part of the new house is that we have a hot tub, or maybe it’s that I have my own room! Or maybe, it’s that we live across the street from the beach. I’m not sure. It’s pretty cool though.

Now that we moved, Julien and I are only five minutes away from school (instead of 15), though now Lucas has to take a bus. Most of the time Julien and I walk, but he always trails behind until I start holding his stuff because it is too heavy. Then he still trails behind.

One of the major reasons that this house is starting to feel like home, is because we have already had Julien’s friends over twice, and mine too. That really reminds me of  Washington, where we would have at least one friend over per week 🙂 All the kids who go to our school live within 15 minutes, but that is not saying a lot because everything is within 15 minutes!

Here’s a crazy story: on Monday a whale randomly showed up right in front of our school! What are the odds of that? Everyone was crowding around the beach so that they could see it. It was beautiful. I put the link to a video someone got on a drone of it flying above the surfers. They didn’t mind that a whale was just hanging out right next to them.

Whale video

Lucas just went to action week at his school. He has been in Auckland all week and is coming back tonight. He got to go indoor skiing and he went to an amusement park called Rainbows End. It sounded like a lot of fun. Next year, I hope that I get to go. I can’t wait to hear about how the indoor skiing was in comparison to our usual Whitetail resort. He said before he left that most of the kids didn’t really know how to ski because there is no snow here. Hopefully he will post some pictures too.

On my end, I’m super excited about doing some surfing next term in school. At the beginning of next term (which starts on Oct 15,) I have to swim the outdoor school pool 20 times back and forth without stopping so that they know that I can swim. I’m not so sure how warm it will be. But luckily, Dad and I went shopping for a wetsuit, so I can wear that in the pool swim. Guess what color I picked for the wetsuit? Pink! I’m so excited to use it.

Next week we have Spring Break. I am doing a super fun Horseback riding camp that I have done many times before and loved it. I will be doing the camp all week and on Wednesday I will be doing an overnight campout. For my peeps in Washington, no this is not one of the super fancy stables like rock creek or meadow brook. This is a full on farm with horses, chickens, sheep, and ducks. This place is so stinking cool. It reminds me of one that you would find in Utah or Colorado.  

We have our roadie coming up where we are going to Hobbiton (yes the real one), we are going to go see the glow worm caves, and skiing. (No, this time it won’t be indoor.) I have heard all about the glow worm caves and how the tiny worms glow in the dark caves. I have only seen half of the Hobbit first movie (because Dad fell asleep halfway through and we had to go to bed) but I am super excited to see the real town where it was filmed. Lastly skiing, I mean skiing, who doesn’t love skiing? We are going skiing on the other side of the world. I’ll check that one off my bucket list!

We were going to stay two more nights in Rotorua, but we decided that we would come home early, because  of this thing that is happening here called the A & P show. The A&P show is basically Gisborne’s fair where they have rides, animal competitions and more. We decided that we couldn’t miss it, so we are skipping Rotorua. (We’ve already been there with Anaëlle.) 

I can’t wait to post some pictures from our upcoming trip and camp!


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